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The first NFT collection from Château des Laurets!

To mark the launch of the third partnership between Ariane de Rothschild and the artist Gilles Chabrier on the theme of “Time”, the Edmond de Rothschild Heritage Group, and its property, the Château des Laurets, are embarking on their first Web 3.0 venture, with the assistance of Renaissance, an agency specialising in NFTs.

CHÂTEAU DES LAURETS x GILLES CHABRIER : A collection of art object linking past and future
At the behest of Ariane de Rothschild, 36 magnum and 36 double-magnum bottles were handmade by glass artist Gilles Chabrier. The bottles tell the story of both the time needed to make Château des Laurets, Sélection Parcellaire Baron Edmond, and the expected longevity of the 2018 Bordeaux vintage. They are the third component of a collection of unique art objects, and the first step towar- ds Web 3.0 through the development of an NFT, or non-fungible token.
Each piece is numbered and presented in a custom-made clear box. This case will protect the wine from vibrations, temperature varia- tions and ultraviolet rays so that it will last for years in optimal conditions. This collection will be accompanied by something truly unique. Each physical purchase of an engraved bottle will unlock the corresponding NFT, and each purchase of an NFT automatically includes a purchase of the precious bottle. Thus the two parts will be inseparable, eternally linked.
“Out of time comes beauty. This idea gave rise to the third component of our art collection: “The Time – Château des Laurets, Sélection Parcellaire Baron Edmond 2018”. Art objects linking the past and the future, illustrating the passing of time and the role of people in the making of a great wine. Our NFT collection transports the bottles designed by Gilles Chabrier into the Web 3.0, drawing a link between different worlds and different temporalities.” Alexis de La Palme, Chairman of the Management Board, Edmond de Rothschild Heritage.

First WEB 3.0 venture for the group
In addition to the artistic aspect, this collection is a way for Edmond de Rothschild Heritage to explore the receptivity of the wine market to NFTs. For this initial Web 3.0 venture, the brand decided to enlist the expertise of NFT agency Renaissance to create an extremely simple campaign. The aim is to dissolve the barrier between the reality of wine and the virtuality of non-fungible tokens.
So there are two scenarios offered to buyers. You can either physically buy the bottle from a partner retailer and then retrieve its digital counterpart from the dedicated platform, or you can buy the digital version online and then automatically receive its physical counterpart at home. In keeping with this approach, each step of the process is guided, automated and secure, and credit card payments are supported. The scheme is therefore aimed not only at veteran NFT collectors, but also at enthusiasts of wine, luxury and art.
“It is a real source of pride and joy for Re- naissance to partner on this rare and exqui- site vintage with a unique and innovative NFT campaign! Our technology will allow the lucky collectors to own Gilles Chabrier’s digital work in perpetuity, outside their wine cellar!” Alexis Delamare Deboutteville, CTO of Renaissance Agency
Discover the collection:

Château des Laurets – Sélection Parcellaire Baron Edmond 2018 : A complex year sublimated by the assets of a great wine
This cuvée is sourced from four hectares, on the 40 hectares total of the Château des Laurets, of the oldest plots of merlot lying closest to the château (in average 70 years old). The berries are harvested by hand, and a double sorting process guarantees flawless fruit. Cold prefermentative maceration, gentle extraction and zero racking – the decision to use wooden vats was taken with a view to preserving the fruit’s brilliance, aromatic freshness and elegance. The barrelaged lots are preserved in their entirety until the final blend, which only takes place a few weeks before bottling.
“The 2018 vintage was marked by two extreme, but complementary, seasons following on one from the other, with a summer that began hot and humid, becoming dry and hot up until the harvest. The complexity and finesse already displayed at the start of the ageing process, gave every indication of a promising vintage at the end of the winemaking process. The merlots revealed notes of intense, black fruit, especially black cherry. It has a lot of aromatic freshness, which will enable the cuvée to stand the test of time.” Fabrice Bandiera, Château des Laurets Director