The art of cultivating
the land and its riches

As a source of life and pleasure, nature occupies a prominent place in our history. When the rhythm and cycles are respected, it always gives its best in return.
We cultivate this harmony with the same unwavering philosophy: to promote an art of living as sustainable as it is authentic.
Respect for nature
for centuries

Safeguarding know-how
with passion

From the production of exceptional cheeses at the family farm to the cultivation of rare plant species at the Pépinières de l'Ambre nursery, all our activities are guided by respect for the wonders of nature and the desire to reconnect with increasingly rare ancestral know-how.

With unfailing rigour and perseverance, Edmond de Rothschild Heritage has successfully passed on its determination to protect the finest treasures that the land has to offer.

Enhancing nature
Discover authentic craftsmanship
Experience the emotion stirred by the riches of nature.
Protecting and passing
on a natural heritage
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Les Rillettes de faisans
Le Fermier à la Moutarde de Meaux Pommery
La Terrine de cerf du domaine familiale
Le Brie de Meaux Fermier AOP
Protecting and passing
on a natural heritage
La Terrine de sanglier à la truffe noire du Périgord
Le Miel de Forêt
Le Merle Rouge
Domaine des 30 Arpents
The quest for authentic taste
Baron Edmond de Rothschild developed his cheese production in the 1990s with the aim of promoting the superior quality of farmed milk and preserving French dairy excellence, under threat at the time from industrial standardisation.

Guaranteed expertise from fork to fork.

The family farm is self-sufficient. The dairy cows – a herd of 250 Prim’Holsteins – eat feed that is produced 90% on-site from forage crops. The milk is then made into cheese, which the artisan cheesemakers enhance with a range of subtle flavours, from black Périgord truffle, to Meaux Pommery® mustard, walnuts and home-made honey.

The investment of the Edmond de Rothschild family since the 1990s has helped to safeguard precious French craftsmanship, now classified as an intangible heritage of humanity.

Today, the family holding is the only farm to produce AOP farmhouse Brie de Meaux, the fame of which has now spread as far as Japan.
Circular management
Each Edmond de Rothschild Heritage project is driven by a profound respect for the environment.
The desire to transmit a more sustainable world begins by taking all environmental issues into account, optimising each and every resource to preserve and sustain this ecosystem.
The well-being of the herd is a priority, which is why the dairy cows at the estate enjoy the best possible living conditions. The farm uses an automated milking system, with the cows going to milk when they feel the need. By reducing human presence, these robots offer the herd autonomy and tranquillity.
The estate has also installed an anaerobic digestion unit that produces green energy which is used on the farm and by surrounding homes. La Ferme des Trente Arpents has also installed photovoltaic panels to reduce energy expenditure and ensure a certain degree of independence. Yet another commitment to nature by the Edmond de Rothschild family.
Les Pépinières de l'Ambre
Lush green spaces used to cultivate rare and delicate plant species, the Pépinières de l’Ambre nursery takes its name from the fragrance of conifer resin, which is similar to amber.
The nursery meets a two-fold requirement: to perpetuate the excellence of ancestral gardening expertise and to ensure the development of unique species. Cultivating, crafting, producing, maintaining – Les Pépinières de l’Ambre is cared for with extreme rigour. Eight people work on nearly 300 plant species, including the Ariane and Noémie rose varieties bred in tribute to Ariane de Rothschild and her daughter. Boasting a broad range of expertise, Pépinières de l’Ambre is known in particular for its cloud pruning, a topiary technique that transforms plants into incredible living sculptures.
The passion for botany and gardening has been passed down from generation to generation at the Rothschild family.
Since the acquisition of Les Pépinières de l’Ambre in the 1990s, Ariane de Rothschild has perpetuated them, overseeing the maintenance of the gardens and the preservation of their natural diversity.
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