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Your personal data is collected and processed by Société Française des Hôtels de Montagne SFHM, located at 47 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, 75008 Paris, as data controller, in order to:

  • Send you its newsletter for information and marketing purposes; and/or
  • Manage your contact request.

In accordance with the applicable regulations and in particular Regulation 2016/679/EU of 27 April 2016 known as the GDPR, the legal basis for collecting and processing your personal data for the above purposes is based on your consent (Article 6.1.a of the GDPR) and/or the legitimate interest of the Société Française des Hôtels de Montagne SFHM (Article 6.1.f of the GDPR). You may at any time object to the processing of your data, in particular by withdrawing your consent if necessary. To do so, please send your request to the address below.

This data is kept for a period of time necessary for the fulfilment of the purposes mentioned above and in view of the current regulations and the legal obligations to keep certain contracts/data, namely:

  • 3 years for the data collected and processed for the purpose of sending the newsletter;
  • 3 years for the data collected and processed as part of your contact request.

Your data may be transmitted by the Société Française des Hôtels de Montagne SFHM to service providers involved both in the context of the aforementioned purposes and for statistical analysis purposes, without it being possible for them to identify you by name (see also section “2. Cookies”).

Your data may, for only the purposes mentioned above, be transmitted to third-party service providers located in countries outside the European Union. Before doing so, the Société Française des Hôtels de Montagne SFHM will take all necessary measures and guarantees to secure this transfer.

In compliance with the legislation in force, you have the right to access, rectify and delete data concerning you, the right to the portability of this data and the right to limit processing. You also have the right to define guidelines for the handling of this data after your death.

You can exercise all these rights by sending us an e-mail to the following address:; or a letter to the following address: SFHM/Edmond de Rothschild Heritage, 47 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, 75008 Paris. Your request must be accompanied by proof of identity.

You also have the right to file a complaint with the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL), including on its website

For more information on personal data protection, you can consult the CNIL website:

2. Cookies

When you visit our site, and if you have enabled them, cookies are placed on your computer, mobile phone or tablet.

A “cookie” is a set of information, usually small and identified by a name, that can be transmitted to your browser through a website you connect to. Your web browser will keep it for a certain period of time and will send it back to the web server each time you reconnect. Cookies make it possible to identify the device in which they are stored during their validity period and to store certain information relating to your browsing experience (this is in order to simplify your navigation on websites or to offer you content adapted to your interests).

Different types of cookies are used on our website, namely:

  • Audience measurement cookies: these cookies make it possible to measure the number of visits, the number of pages viewed, visitor activity, etc. in order to establish statistics and improve the functioning of our website.
    These cookies are stored and used by a third-party service provider in charge of statistical analysis.
    You can choose to refuse cookies and statistical analysis of your browser data by changing the settings of your web browser.
  • Third-party cookies to improve site interactivity (social cookies): These cookies are designed to allow users of our website to share pages and content via Facebook.
    They also make it possible to track Internet users’ browsing, whether or not you are users of this network and whether or not you are connected to the social network when you are browsing, and are likely to be used for commercial and/or advertising purposes (example: targeted advertising).
    Société Française des Hôtels de Montagne SFHM has no control over this process and cannot be held responsible for Facebook’s use of this data. For more information on how your personal data is used, you can consult Facebook’s privacy policy.
    We remind you that cookies do not allow you to be identified and that the storage period for the information recorded by cookies on your computer is a maximum of thirteen months.

These cookies are stored only if:

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This agreement will be valid for a period of thirteen months from the first time it is stored on your device. At the end of this period, your consent will be sought again by displaying the information banner.

You can set your cookie preferences to accept or reject them at any time by changing the settings of your browser.