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An invitation to indulge,
to taste exquisite pleasures.

On the family terroir in Seine‑et‑Marne, Edmond de Rothschild Heritage has been pursuing its vision of French dairy excellence, with fierce passion and unfailing expertise, since the 1990s.
The Estate
The Domaine des 30 Arpents is located in Seine‑et‑Marne, in the heart of the Brie region. Since 1991, the property's cheese dairy has been producing the only Brie de Meaux Fermier AOP on a daily basis. The family's other properties are just as noteworthy, producing a range of outstanding products: olive oil from South Africa, terrine created by Julien Gatillon (Michelin two‑star chef at Le 1920 at the Four Seasons Hotel Megève), honey from the hives at Château Clarke and on the roofs of the Faubourg Saint‑Honoré, and more.